Caresto P1800 GT

Our tribute to the 50 year anniversary of the P1800 model.

A P1800 ES turned into a GT.

See how we turned a regular Volvo P1800 ES into a real GT car meeting todays demands and needs.

Late of 2010 the quest for a P1800 started - Our mission... To find the base for our future

interpretation and salubration of Volvos Classic P1800 ES.


Our goal was set, build a true GT but keep the original look. Respect, heritage and class

was the words that lead the project. Follow our build and see the hurdels and struggels we

run into on the way.


Enjoy the build thread and have a good time here.

Stripped the bone



The build started with the tear down. As always a car of age always offers surprises, and no changed here. The bondo layer actually was the thickest we´ve ever seen.


So the decision to start from scratch was wise.

Look inte the build pages to see further how we took this challenge and built what we think is the perfect merge between the 60´s P1800 and todays cars.

The heart


The choice for breathing was Volvos V8, usually found in

the XC90. Paired with a Volvo 960 Transmission and a

German rear axle...


We knew the configuration would work, actually work

really good - Look at the Caresto V8S.



Inside we´ve gone with blood red interior and we are very pleased with the result. So look into the build page to get a better overview and more pictures.